Talia Tsur

I'm Talia Tsur. (Sometimes misspelled Tzur/Zur/Zsur).
I've come to love animation as a craft that allows extraordinary creative freedom.
Animation is the medium for simplifying and stylizing reality. It is the tool for liberating your imagination, and not knowing what you'll find.
Anything you can imagine, you can create.
Scary, isn't it?
It is, but once you learn to work with that fear, you might find yourself so deeply involved with your little creation, it's like you've discovered a part of yourself, and there it is staring right back at you.

With years of experience in various productions in the indsutry, I am now a freelance 3D animation artist, always looking for fun, challenging work.
My specialty is high quality character animation, and I also offer full 3D services, from storyboard and concept design to the final rendered movie.

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